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  • We design trainings for you and your colleagues so you can apply the Solution focused approach to your work setting.
  • We offer supervision to help you utilize your resources and enhance your skills.
  • We offer consultation to maximize the existing resources of your organization.
  • We have a large network of specialists in applying the Solution focused approach to different work settings.
  • We can advise you on finding the right specialist for you, who could fit best with your needs.

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Please contact:  Arnoud Huibers, director of Solutions Centre

 Insoo Kim Berg (USA) and Arnoud Huibers (NL) founded Solutions Centre in 2004

Circle Technique

The solution-oriented approach in therapy, coaching or guidance is fundamentally different from the problem-oriented approach. The solution-oriented care provider, coach or supervisor focuses on client’s change wishes instead of analyzing complaints and problem history. What does the client want differently? Where does the client want to work? He also focuses on qualities and successful skills of the client instead of shortcomings. The solution-oriented discussion helps the client to get a clear vision of his change wishes and then work towards it with the right knowledge, skills and attitude. This makes the solution-oriented approach a goal-oriented, pragmatic approach.

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Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Solution-Focused Brief therapy (SFBT) is a future-oriented, goal-directed approach to solving human problems of living. Initially developed as a rebellion against the traditional psychotherapy approach which is driven by the therapist/expert deciding what might be the best possible solution for those who seek help, SFBT aims to work collaboratively with the client who understands his own circumstances the best in order to arrive at a solution that is pragmatic and realistic to fit his needs. The result is a respectful, brief therapy with workable solutions that the client can actually carry out by making needed changes.

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